Thursday, December 28, 2006

. . . and whose day is this?


In nineteen hundred and sixty four
Love brought a blessing to a couple's door
Small and sweet, not much hair on his head
The tyke cried and pooped and wanted to be fed
Mom and Dad didn't worry, fret or care.
Their long-awaited son was finally there
They cooed and smiled, in awe of his face
Knowing full well that 9 months was no waste
Fast forward a mere forty-two years
Such child has made true their many fears
Also the man has brought them so much joy
That many a time they've said, "That's our boy!"
To us he is known as Phil the Thrill
But to those who love him he is dearer still
So on this the anniversary of his birth,
Let's all tell Phil how much he's worth.

Sunday, December 10, 2006



BY Penny Perez

She comes to me naked with a dreamy-looking face
Around the door she peeks to see if I'm in my place
She tilts her head toward me and gives a little smile
How often have I seen this face . . .it's been a little while
I know well what she asks of me - she does it every day
And asks it of another should I be far away
This day however, is such a special time for me
For in my head these words are formed for all of you to see
Her eyes are brown and sparkling - hers have the light of joy
She doesn't know the alphabet to her it's nothing but a noise
She cannot read or add things up - but knows just what she wants
For she is Guadalupe who with her smile does taunt
Maybe you thought this lovely girl in her nakedness
Had popped herhead just through my door for a loving kiss
A touch, perhaps a fling, but the dear girl with the face of flower
Is just here to ask me -- "can I please take a shower?
Bless her little eyes and face, her stubby fingers and stout frame
Keep her safe from those who shout each ugly nasty name
For written on His hand and heart before the world began
Was a name we know not - scribed in the Book of the Lamb
Precious are those who are not bright, can't read or write a book
Who offer us their simple joy, when with a smile we look
At a face so many children have and share with glee and singing
No accident of birth are they - for the Father's love they're bringing.
This poem is dedicated to Maria Guadalupe (Lupe) who shares her life with us.
If you want to know more about Down Syndrome, click.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


How many times shall I give thanks
To the benevolent God who formed me
On Sunday in service, when I rise a rank
When things go well for all to see?
How can I thank Him when my day is bad
Or when illness plagues me day in and out
When my best friend dies and I feel so sad
Or with insolent kids who stomp and pout?
Sunday is good, and when a raise I get
When life is beautiful and all goes well
Yes these times are wonderful and yet
There will be days that just feel like hell
I'll thank him then for the raise I got
For the years with my friend who passed away
Because I am alive, in pain or not
For the children I love each and every day
I'll thank Him whether I'm flush or broke
When times are tough and I'm afraid
When I just feel like a pig in a poke
When more than my share of burdens are laid
Each and every day when I awake
I thank the Lord for another day
My confessions I then make
With my head bowed I do pray.
This day is one when we give thanks
With our hearts of gratitude
We save it up like coins in a bank
To share with others . . .that's just rude!
Come to the table with contrite hearts
Reliving our lives in fits and starts
Saying to Him we know what we've done
By not thanking him each morning at the rising sun
Eat well on this Thanksgiving Day
Bow your heads to Him do pray
Thanking Him for your wonderful life
Through times of good and times of strife

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Haze

Been feeling poorly the last few days
New medication leaves a haze
Just when I think it's getting better,
I fall all over myself and take a header.
We've lost five of our birdie friends
Oh! What heartbreak their passing lend.
We're not alone,that's for sure
Fourteen birds are still living here
The girls have next week off of school
By the end of this I'll feel a fool.
School days are happy for me
Rob and I can feel oh so free.
I am so tired I tho't not to write
But through the haze my brain did fight
I surely am happy to write to you
In rhyme as I am wont to do.
Congratulations to the Nominees!
Such great words - the eye to please
If there were a way you ALL would win
And the noise we'd make would be a great din.
And so my friends I must say to you
Have a great day and I will too

"He called to Him a little child, and set him in the midst of them, and said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye turn, and become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of heaven."-- Matt 18:2-3


Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

         Friday the 13th
It's Friday the 13th as you well know,
So many are afraid, keeping low
I'm not afraid at all you see,
For the 13th is lucky for me.
No pitfalls, no eerie stuff
My youthful fear was enough
School kids want to scare their friends
So well we know that's not the end.
A lifelong fear oft' starts in school
As an adult others tend to fuel
Triskadecaphobia which becomes so strong
Friday the 13th and superstition bring it on
It's not a joke or very unreal
It's just a way those folks feel.
Started in school, stays forever
Just for me, it will be never.
Stay calm this day and do what you must
Remember our nation says "In God We Trust"
I He can't fix it, perhaps no one will
Just say to Him "Let my heart be still"
Enough for today, I have work to do
Enjoy this day until it's though.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Promise I Keep

A poem a day I promised to you
And though my day's nearly through
I thought I'd share what I did today
Instead of Pogo all day play
I've been resting a lot you see
Body aches, etc., have been plaguing me.
Decided yesterday enough is enough
Determined today to be real tough.
I cleaned the table beside my head
And vowed to do more beside my bed.
Farmer's market and mall we walked
Bought not much but we talked, talked, talked.
Stopped by the pastor's to drop off keys
Came home by noon, pretty as you please.
Back to my chores, ever so much work
I can't believe what things I did shirk.
Sent information I needed to send
I thought my work would never end.
We got the girls at their school
Went to get our water bottles full.
It seems a boring day, I know it's true
Exciting for me and boring for you.
Why exciting? you may ask
It's been e'er so long since I've done a task.
Tonite I am tired, through and through
But remembered I promised a poem to you
So. . . quick of wit, savvy and a poet's brain
I came here to give you this refrain.
I'll end it here with a quick "Good night"
Sleep well and don't let the bedbugs bite.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Lord's Promise

Fred has aske me to put a poem of my own in.  I have many squirreled away, but found this among the papers in my folder here. 

I wrote this poem to my soon-to-be husband just before we left Mexico to be married here. 

                         The Lord's Promise

I never knew until that day
What promise the Lord would send my way.
I rested in Him - He was my guide
And He sent you to be at my side.
My heart rejoiced, but was full of fear
But fullness of love helped me, dear.
To see that service to the King
Is better with two than anything
And here we are - ready to start
A brand new life with open hearts
Open to serve, open to pray
Open to live in the Lord's own way'
I love you Robert, with my heart and soul
Together we'll make a perfect whole.
           Love, Penny

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Love Letter

On Hotel Californian, Fresno, CA stationary 9-10-39


    Throughout this long and tedious drive,
    I didn't have to strive and strive
          To think of you
   For all unbidden throughout the day
  My thoughts to you would stray and stray
         And  make me glad
 I didn't mind the dust and heat
 Because to me you're sweet so sweet
       And love me so
And so to God My voice I raise
In thankful, humble notes of praise
     That I love you

Saturday, October 7, 2006

The Pin

This was probably written around 1921 ior 1922:

                                        THE PIN 


The pin in my opinion, is a blessing to mankind,
For everywhere and everyplace, a use for it we find
It has so many relatives, so many kith and kin,
That for every little service, there is some sort of pin.
From babyhood to oldest age, there service we require -
And oft, indeed, they rescue us from situations dire.
Consider now the safety pin - a friend so tried and true
From very earliest infancy their services we knew.
We use them by the dozens and lose them by the score
And we're always finding further use and always buying more
We fasten baby's little BVD's and little shimmy shirts
And pin the little dresses and dainty little skirts.
And then when baby goes to sleep, we pin the covers tight.
And when a little older, his britches he does tear,
A safety pin will close the breech and hide what else were bare
And if,  perchance, a button needs, or two
It is marvelous what wondrous things a safety pin will do.
For Ma says, "Pa there's lots of pins upon the chiffonier -
You'll have to use a safety pin - I'm much too busy, dear."
And Pa says, "Ma, in days of old, it would not have been thus."
But promptly grabs a safety pin - and thus avoid a fuss.
                      William Kurtz Booth
These next words are from Ruth DeHority Booth (nee Metz):
While being installed as Treasurer of the Board of Lakeview Presbyterian Church, Chicago, Illinois, Will K. Booth saw a pin on the floor in front of him.  As Ruth prepared Sunday dinner, Will kept chuckling to himself as he jotted down the above.  Our two little girls had outgrown the three-cornered stage;  they were brought up in the days of "Vantas" and were not "pinned up" - they were "tied up"


Friday, October 6, 2006

I will start with my Grandfather

My grandfather was a hopeless romantic.  He and my grandmother called each other "dearie" throughout their life together.  The name Dearie stuck for him and that's what we called him.  Our grandmother was Boosie for a child's way of saying Ruthie.

I'll be sharing his poetry first.  Then I will share mine.  Without further delay and in no particular order:

on a letter head from The Booth Electrical Furnace Company, Chicago, Illinois -  dated July 20th 1923

Sometimes I think, Oh!  yes I do,
I'd like a letter soon from you.
I know you're almost tired to death
And can't sit down to get your breath.
But a real good letter now and then,
Is relished by the best of men.
A card, a note and a day between,
To me it seems most awful lean.
You do not need to write a book,
For its hard to find a quiet nook.
But you know what I like to hear,
Just write a good long letter, dear.
I toil by day and sometimes night,
But very seldom fail to write.
Though social pleasures fill my card,
And writing seems most awful hard,
With picnics every day or two
I ever, dear, do think of you.
And, sometimes, I do more than think,
For each night e'er I sleep a wink,
I whisper in you very ear,
I love you sweetheart, ever dear.
And to make as official out of this,
I seal my message with a kiss.
Perhaps these love words went astray,
Among the stars of the milky way.
Or maybe they were lost in the crowd
Or are gamboling aloft on a fleecy cloud
Or your receiver may not have been in tune
And they traveled to you by way of the moon
But wherever or however the case may be,
Each night this message goes from me.
This really is not a complaint    
Don't read a thought in here that "ain't"
'Tis just a suggestion, dear, for you
To keep your boy from feelin' blue.