Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Promise I Keep

A poem a day I promised to you
And though my day's nearly through
I thought I'd share what I did today
Instead of Pogo all day play
I've been resting a lot you see
Body aches, etc., have been plaguing me.
Decided yesterday enough is enough
Determined today to be real tough.
I cleaned the table beside my head
And vowed to do more beside my bed.
Farmer's market and mall we walked
Bought not much but we talked, talked, talked.
Stopped by the pastor's to drop off keys
Came home by noon, pretty as you please.
Back to my chores, ever so much work
I can't believe what things I did shirk.
Sent information I needed to send
I thought my work would never end.
We got the girls at their school
Went to get our water bottles full.
It seems a boring day, I know it's true
Exciting for me and boring for you.
Why exciting? you may ask
It's been e'er so long since I've done a task.
Tonite I am tired, through and through
But remembered I promised a poem to you
So. . . quick of wit, savvy and a poet's brain
I came here to give you this refrain.
I'll end it here with a quick "Good night"
Sleep well and don't let the bedbugs bite.



onestrangecat said...

great poem!  you are really good at this.


lurkynat said...

Ode to Penny
A busier bee
Is N'er to be found!
And up and down
This wilderness
Is a Woman, MInister, Wife and Mother
Wonder mom No Less!
:):) hugs, natalie

stupidsheetguy said...

that was just GREAT! Keep them so what do you play on Pogo, hmm?


bgilmore725 said...

Just making them up as you go along... Love your new journal, Penny! Bea