Thursday, November 23, 2006


How many times shall I give thanks
To the benevolent God who formed me
On Sunday in service, when I rise a rank
When things go well for all to see?
How can I thank Him when my day is bad
Or when illness plagues me day in and out
When my best friend dies and I feel so sad
Or with insolent kids who stomp and pout?
Sunday is good, and when a raise I get
When life is beautiful and all goes well
Yes these times are wonderful and yet
There will be days that just feel like hell
I'll thank him then for the raise I got
For the years with my friend who passed away
Because I am alive, in pain or not
For the children I love each and every day
I'll thank Him whether I'm flush or broke
When times are tough and I'm afraid
When I just feel like a pig in a poke
When more than my share of burdens are laid
Each and every day when I awake
I thank the Lord for another day
My confessions I then make
With my head bowed I do pray.
This day is one when we give thanks
With our hearts of gratitude
We save it up like coins in a bank
To share with others . . .that's just rude!
Come to the table with contrite hearts
Reliving our lives in fits and starts
Saying to Him we know what we've done
By not thanking him each morning at the rising sun
Eat well on this Thanksgiving Day
Bow your heads to Him do pray
Thanking Him for your wonderful life
Through times of good and times of strife