Sunday, January 6, 2008

Please Welcome Cathy

By permission of the author and with great joy I present:

                 Cradle Me, Baby

            By Catherine S. Rapicano ~ January 6, 2008

   As I rush into your open arms,

collapsing in relief,

hold me to your happy heart

let not this time be brief.

We'll move in perfect motion

rocking gently to the sway,

as I trust you as you trust me

I will not give us away.

Cradle me within your heart

as if a newborn soul -

softy, with a quiet kiss

complete me - I am whole.

Stay with me to watch the night,

don't give in to sleep -

out in darkened seas of sky,

we're stars within the deep.

Come the dawn and brighter beams

we'll rest, as shadows harden -

I commit this crime of love

and you will always pardon.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Best Day Ever

       The Best Day Ever!                           

This is the day I've prayed for
The day I wanted to come
Lord, I said I want nothing more                     
Than to stand ~ to sit ~ to walk some
Lord, it's lonely in the bed in there
They stop in to say hi or wake me up
I can't see outside;  I have time to spare
Lord I love you ~ please fill my cup
Give me joy and a sense of peace
That comes from your word as I seek your face
I praise you Lord!  You have given me the feast
I made my food!  I sat in my place!    
I'm tired now Lord, but oh! what a day.
I bathed myself and fed our pets
I felt no loneliness, I read, I prayed


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day


If it wasn't for my mother, I would not be here
She wouldn't have had a chance to calm her child's fears
Instead she gave birth to four wonderful little girls
Little by little the fabric of our lives unfurled.
She joined the world's mothers in happy pursuit
Of spoiling her kids and making them look cute
She dressed her girls in home-sewn clothes,  
Curling their hair in rags as on and on she goes
She never gave up on any of her kids
No matter what stupid things we did
She lived her life in service to the Lord
And to her girls whom she adored.
Ten years ago she went to be with her Father
Where with her loved ones she now could gather
I love you, Mom as much as ever
And your love for me will last forever.
Mom, I miss you terribly, but I know I will see you again in Paradise.


                               Thanks, Mom


Monday, February 19, 2007

Dee had a Birthday - I read it and missed it.


Dearest Dee, you son Phil loves you so
That he shared your birthday with all he knows
I promised a poem just for you
But the days went by and it wasn't through
Today I'd like to say I'm sorry to be late
And another day I would not/could not wait
I put your name on the tag above
To send to you lots of Birthday Love
I really don't know you, we've never met
I know your son through the Internet
I wrote him a poem on his special day
I think I should write one every day
So Dee, this is my wish for you . . .
Happy Birthday today and all the year through.
Many blessings to you,

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Searching for the Scent of You

I wrote this to Robert while he was here in the U.S. and I was finishing up the details of installing new directors to the ministry:
Everywhere I go I search for the scent of you
I lift a shirt, a hat, the jacket you wore last fall
Sadly  your scent's not there anymore and I shed a tear or two
We put our lives together in the Lord and began to share
Our thoughts, dreams, dislikes and our intense love
I never thought in a million years I would find that anywhere
Then came the terrible crisis which pulled us apart
Anger, rejection, lies and a lonliness we couldn't bear
Betrayed by those who seemed to love us, this broke our heart
Still shattered and caught up in the weight of it all
We prayed, fasted, asked our Father to intervene
On our knees and on the floor we prayed,  He answered the call
Our love is stronger now, tested by the fire
Burned up, cleansed, newly ready for our Lord
Who but God could lift us higher?
Praises to the King!  Praises to the Lamb!
Our life is stronger now
Because of the great I AM

Thursday, December 28, 2006

. . . and whose day is this?


In nineteen hundred and sixty four
Love brought a blessing to a couple's door
Small and sweet, not much hair on his head
The tyke cried and pooped and wanted to be fed
Mom and Dad didn't worry, fret or care.
Their long-awaited son was finally there
They cooed and smiled, in awe of his face
Knowing full well that 9 months was no waste
Fast forward a mere forty-two years
Such child has made true their many fears
Also the man has brought them so much joy
That many a time they've said, "That's our boy!"
To us he is known as Phil the Thrill
But to those who love him he is dearer still
So on this the anniversary of his birth,
Let's all tell Phil how much he's worth.

Sunday, December 10, 2006



BY Penny Perez

She comes to me naked with a dreamy-looking face
Around the door she peeks to see if I'm in my place
She tilts her head toward me and gives a little smile
How often have I seen this face . . .it's been a little while
I know well what she asks of me - she does it every day
And asks it of another should I be far away
This day however, is such a special time for me
For in my head these words are formed for all of you to see
Her eyes are brown and sparkling - hers have the light of joy
She doesn't know the alphabet to her it's nothing but a noise
She cannot read or add things up - but knows just what she wants
For she is Guadalupe who with her smile does taunt
Maybe you thought this lovely girl in her nakedness
Had popped herhead just through my door for a loving kiss
A touch, perhaps a fling, but the dear girl with the face of flower
Is just here to ask me -- "can I please take a shower?
Bless her little eyes and face, her stubby fingers and stout frame
Keep her safe from those who shout each ugly nasty name
For written on His hand and heart before the world began
Was a name we know not - scribed in the Book of the Lamb
Precious are those who are not bright, can't read or write a book
Who offer us their simple joy, when with a smile we look
At a face so many children have and share with glee and singing
No accident of birth are they - for the Father's love they're bringing.
This poem is dedicated to Maria Guadalupe (Lupe) who shares her life with us.
If you want to know more about Down Syndrome, click.