Sunday, December 10, 2006



BY Penny Perez

She comes to me naked with a dreamy-looking face
Around the door she peeks to see if I'm in my place
She tilts her head toward me and gives a little smile
How often have I seen this face . . .it's been a little while
I know well what she asks of me - she does it every day
And asks it of another should I be far away
This day however, is such a special time for me
For in my head these words are formed for all of you to see
Her eyes are brown and sparkling - hers have the light of joy
She doesn't know the alphabet to her it's nothing but a noise
She cannot read or add things up - but knows just what she wants
For she is Guadalupe who with her smile does taunt
Maybe you thought this lovely girl in her nakedness
Had popped herhead just through my door for a loving kiss
A touch, perhaps a fling, but the dear girl with the face of flower
Is just here to ask me -- "can I please take a shower?
Bless her little eyes and face, her stubby fingers and stout frame
Keep her safe from those who shout each ugly nasty name
For written on His hand and heart before the world began
Was a name we know not - scribed in the Book of the Lamb
Precious are those who are not bright, can't read or write a book
Who offer us their simple joy, when with a smile we look
At a face so many children have and share with glee and singing
No accident of birth are they - for the Father's love they're bringing.
This poem is dedicated to Maria Guadalupe (Lupe) who shares her life with us.
If you want to know more about Down Syndrome, click.


fisherkristina said...

What a beautiful poem dedicated to a beautiful girl.


lurkynat said...

Dear Penny, what a lovely poem!
You must cherish her indeed!I love the Lady of Guadalupe! how nice that she has her name and her beauty!

thekahenna1 said...

That is a wonderful poem Penny. She looks so sweet and loving.

Cathy.  xx

onestrangecat said...

beautiful poem.  every picture i have seen of Lupe she seems so very happy.


rebuketheworld said...

Hello Penny,  I am starting to find AOL blogs that have a focus on poetry. I am going to update this and touch up this blog this week with a nice background.  Poetry is one of the most surreal places we can discover. If you know of anyone who blogs poetry could you send them an email or have them post a link at the blog. Please stop by and see what category you best fit it.

Best Regards, Raven

mkolasa101 said...

What a beautiful poem this is, so full of emotions and love.  She's lovely.

Marlene - A Poet's Point of View

bgilmore725 said...

A beautiful poem, Penny. Loving, descriptive, funny, sweet. I think maybe we should change that wise saying that goes "Stop and smell the roses." Instead, it should say, "Stop, and write a poem."  I've written many over the years, but don't have them all collected into one place. I would like to do that some day. I only write when it's something very special and close to my heart, something that I can't express with a narrative style. Poetry is a way to express the heart's longing, its passion, its joys and sorrows. I love the poem. bea

luddie343 said...

You write I think with a kind of "easy force" to pull the reader into your world.  I'm happy and honored to read of it, hope you'll continue sharing such talent.  CATHY