Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Best Day Ever

       The Best Day Ever!                           

This is the day I've prayed for
The day I wanted to come
Lord, I said I want nothing more                     
Than to stand ~ to sit ~ to walk some
Lord, it's lonely in the bed in there
They stop in to say hi or wake me up
I can't see outside;  I have time to spare
Lord I love you ~ please fill my cup
Give me joy and a sense of peace
That comes from your word as I seek your face
I praise you Lord!  You have given me the feast
I made my food!  I sat in my place!    
I'm tired now Lord, but oh! what a day.
I bathed myself and fed our pets
I felt no loneliness, I read, I prayed



ab45yui said...

Like the poem, but could not see the pictures! :-(

slimhawk said...

What a beautiful poem with such a grateful heart.  Thank you for inviting me to your page.  God bless you.

mkolasa101 said...

Deeply you poetry touched me,
my heart felt your honest  desires.
I pray that each day you get better,
for you messages turly inspire.
I know god is always there with you,
and I know that you know this as well.
May health be the thing that persures you,
and you end up totally well.

Blessings to you Penny

Marlene - A Poet's Point of View  

luddie343 said...

A perfectly unique, creative prose, very much like yourself!  Enjoyed being allowed into your heart, and appreciate the invite.   xoxo CATHY

lurkynat said...

beautiful entry Penny! you are suchan awesome writer! and the graphics are wonderful!

luddie343 said...

Right from the heart Penny, just as any prayer should be.  Bless you.  CATHY

luddie343 said...

Right from the heart Penny, just as any prayer should be.  Bless you.  CATHY

tschuckman said...

Very nice, Penny !!   And I love your graphics too.

Tom Schuckman
"Old Soldier Tom's Journal"   -- fighting for Disabled Veterans' Rights--

luddie343 said...

Woa Nellie!  Holy canoli why didn't I know you wrote poetry, and so well my friend?!?!?  Hey Penny yer more than welcome to post any of my fool word-pairings, I'd be humbled and flattered beyond words you use so excellently!  Thanks for stopping over.  xoxo CATHY

Heli gunner Tom said...

I love poetry and you blog.
Please don't forget that I had to move to another different site with a new name: heli-gunner Tom.

Be my blog follower too!

Tom S