Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

         Friday the 13th
It's Friday the 13th as you well know,
So many are afraid, keeping low
I'm not afraid at all you see,
For the 13th is lucky for me.
No pitfalls, no eerie stuff
My youthful fear was enough
School kids want to scare their friends
So well we know that's not the end.
A lifelong fear oft' starts in school
As an adult others tend to fuel
Triskadecaphobia which becomes so strong
Friday the 13th and superstition bring it on
It's not a joke or very unreal
It's just a way those folks feel.
Started in school, stays forever
Just for me, it will be never.
Stay calm this day and do what you must
Remember our nation says "In God We Trust"
I He can't fix it, perhaps no one will
Just say to Him "Let my heart be still"
Enough for today, I have work to do
Enjoy this day until it's though.



lsfp1960 said...

Very good.  Isn't it good to know our lives are in God's hands and we don't have to be fearful of Friday the 13th ?   Linda in Washington  

am4039 said...

very nice thanks